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Biopet uses innovative and effective natural and chemical free remedies for ornamental fish from New Zealand native plant extracts.

Biopet Aquatic Botanical RemediesA unique manufacturing process known as fioration manipulates minute amounts of plant extracts to act in a way that is beneficial for your pets and ornamental fish.

The plant extracts are sourced from Te Araroa, a coastal settlement in one of New Zealand's most remote corners. There, the leaves are hand picked from trees that have never been sprayed or exposed to chemical agents.

The processing facility ensures superior quality and purity of ingredients all the way from Te Araroa's trees to aquariums throughout the world.

The range is:

  • Natural: made from wild harvested native New Zealand plant extracts
  • Safe: not harmful to fish, plants, snails or biological filters
  • Effective: and fast acting
  • Versatile: all products can be used simultaneously in the same aquarium
  • Compatible: products can be used alongside veterinary medicines
  • User Friendly: simple and easy to use

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